Become a Contributor

As you might imagine, creating a wiki with only a few people is a daunting task. That's why we have a special program to allow people to contribute alongside us. Want to learn more? Then follow the instructions below.

Before continuing, you should consider reading the "Introductory + Disclaimers" page.

How to become a contributor

First off, you must sign up by completing the following application. In it, you must state the following:

1. How did you find this wiki?
2. Have you played Hearts of Randomnautica yet?
3. Why do you want to join?


1. I found this wiki from the mod's Steam Page.
2. Yes.
3. I want to join to help find problems and make this wiki a better resource for players.
Extra: I hope you accept my application.

Furthermore, you can add anything else to your application that you deem necessary. You must provide answers to the above questions for entry, however. If your application gets rejected, you might be told why and will be given an option to submit another with updated information.

Contribution Guidelines

The following will detail what we expect to see from you as a contributor.

1. Grammar

Most of your work will be fixing grammatical errors, wordy sentences, and anything else of the sort. There are bound to be 1 or 2 spelling errors here and there, so it is your job to find them and fix them. This can happen either while you're actively searching for them or just so happen to come across one when casually reading. Keep in mind that grammar checks are not just limited to misspells. If there are any oddly worded sentences, run-ons, or other mistakes, you are encouraged to fix those as well.

2. Inconsistencies

One of our main worries is if there are numerous inconsistencies. For example, if you see something hyper-linked on one page, and not the other, then try to fix it. Any dead links can also be omitted since they could be a misspell that should lead to a certain page but doesn't in the end.

3. Editorial notes

When making an edit, create a short description of changes in the lower left-hand corner's text box. You are limited to 200 characters, so just briefly describe what you changed. It will make our lives easier and is very easy to do, so we expect you to describe your changes in that text-box whenever applicable.

4. Understanding Wikidot syntax

When making edits, you should know how to work with basic Wikidot syntax. Use the Wikidot quick reference and the collection of snippets as your guide.

5. Frequently make suggestions

With the use of our forums, you should consider making suggestions. Whether it be something to add to the mod itself or add as lore in the wiki, you can suggest adding it. If you like something, dislike something, or think there's a way it can be improved, then use that page's discussion thread. See rule 1 for more.

In other words, if you find something and you think that it can be improved somehow, make an edit!

Keep in mind that if an administrator does not find your edits constructive, they can be reverted.


1. Do not change lore!

Do not make massive lore changes to the already laid-out histories of our nations. If you believe there's something we could do to make the nation more interesting, then say it in the discussions section of that page or the forums. We are open to any ideas from our contributors, but going ahead and making random lore changes without doing anything prior is something we won't allow.

2. Use Wikidot PMs or the forums whenever necessary!

Make sure to contact AnomalousDucky via Wikidot PMs (private messages) whenever you have a question, are thinking of publishing a major change, etc.

3. Page creation policy.

Do not create new pages. Like with anything else, you can use the forums or PMs to attempt to get permission to do this, but as pretty much everything has a dedicated page already, it is unlikely that new pages will need to be created.

4. No vandalizing.

As with any wiki, we expect you to make constructive edits and not just insert nonsensical things into pages. In other words, do not attempt to raid us because you will be abusing the system. If you violate this rule, you will be banned. Additionally, we reserve the right to deny your application based on your credibility.

5. Play nice!

We are going to cooperate with you, so we expect the same on your end. If you want to stay, don't act inappropriate or vile.

Current goals

Below is a list of goals we hope to achieve soon. With the help of contributors, they will become more feasible.

1. Expand all articles to be at least 2000 bytes

We plan to expand all content pages (excluding utility pages such as site details, the tag cloud, "essential" infoboxes, etcetera) to be at least 2000 bytes in length. See the list of pages and look under "expand these articles."

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