List of Nations

The following is a list of every playable nation in V1 of Randomnautica, sorted from A-Z.


Name Location Ideology
Altona Corp Europe — Western Europe; specifically all of France, the Benelux, Southern Germany, Switzerland, and western Austria Fascism
Arsenal Indian Warlord — Maharashtra and Central India Authoritarian
Arstotzka Europe — Ukraine and Belarus Communism
Baldi's Basics Middle East — Iraq Authoritarian
Barnyard North America — Arizona Authoritarian
Battleblock Theater North America — Jamaica Authoritarian
Bennettia and Legionnaires Bennettia Asia — Central Asia (minus Kazakhstan) Authoritarian and Fascism
Bikini Bottom Oceania — Pacific Ocean Authoritarian
Black Mesa North America — New Mexico Democratic
Boom Beach Oceania — Indonesia Authoritarian
Boongusville Asia — Japan Fascism
Cheedaland Indian Warlord — East of Bihar Communism
Clone High Africa — Egypt (minus the Nile River) and Sudan, as well as Libya Authoritarian
Combine Empire Europe — Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania Fascism
Corruptengugkuo Asia — Northern Xinjiang Fascism
Corruptus Horde Asia — Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and surrounding areas Fascism
Deutopia Europe — Balkans, East of Romania Democratic
Doofania Africa — Southern Africa Fascism
Fazmenia Middle East — Saudi Arabia Authoritarian
Fortnite Europe — Modern Poland Authoritarian
Game Theory Middle East — Oman and Yemen Authoritarian
Heabonian Realm South America — Amazon Rainforest Fascism
Ittish Union Asia — Thailand Authoritarian
Land of Ooo Asia — Tibet and Qinghai Authoritarian
Latveria Europe — Romania Fascism
LazyTown Europe — Czechoslovakia as well as Austria and Hungary Authoritarian
Louisiana North America — American Midwest, and a portion of the Southern United States Authoritarian
Mabelia Soviet State Asia — The Russian Far East and Manchuria Communism
Mafia Town Europe — Greece and Turkey Authoritarian
Meaty Mandate South America — Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay Communism
Minecraft Europe — Sweden Fascism
Mountain Main Town North America — American South Authoritarian
Mundo Hueco de Cero North America — Primarily in Mexico, but includes Central America, Texas, and Cuba Fascism
New Pirate Republic Asia — Burma Authoritarian
New Terran South America — Brazil alongside a surplus of colonies Democratic
NewTube Europe — Ireland Authoritarian
Northistan Khanate Asia — Central Siberia, Ural Mountains Authoritarian
Octavia North America — California, Baja California, Sonora, British Columbia Fascism
Ordadia Europe — Situated in between Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia Authoritarian
Overwatch North America — Eastern Canada, and Quebec Authoritarian
Paradise Falls South America — Gran Colombia Authoritarian
Parappiland Asia — Eastern China, Central China Authoritarian
Pelotia Europe — Iberian Peninsula Democratic
Petoria Africa — Southern Africa Fascism
Pikmin Republic South America — Peru, Ecuador Communism
Pinguland Europe — Northern Germany Authoritarian
Pizza Tower Europe — Italian Peninsula Democratic
Poptepipic Republic Asia — Bangladesh, West Bengals, as well as Bhutan Democratic
Realm of Marce Africa — Sahara Desert Fascism
Republic of Kanomastan Asia — Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Democratic
Republic of Molossia North America — Nevada, and the real-world equivalent Democratic
Republic of Random Asia — Persia/Iran Democratic
RobloxWare Indian Warlord — Rajasthan Authoritarian
Robloxian Republic Europe — Norway and Denmark Democratic
Robot Observatory Indian Warlord — Southern India Democratic
Robput Regency Government Indian Warlord — Delhi and the surrounding areas Authoritarian
Sarasaland Middle East — Sinai, Cairo and surrounding areas, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Crete, and many parts of Turkey Authoritarian
Sefaland North America — Based in Greenland, many colonial holdings Communism
Shakey Bakery Asia — Phillipines Authoritarian
Sisie Clique Asia — Shandong, Shanxi Communism
Site-76 Indian Warlord — Central India Authoritarian
Sodor Europe — Isle of Man (represented as "Sodor Island" in-game) Democratic
Team Fortress North America — American Midwest Democratic
Terraria Europe — Finland, Karelia Authoritarian
The Culdesac South America — Bolivia Authoritarian
The Downunder Oceania — Australia and New Zealand Communism
The Saladlands Europe — England Authoritarian
Tubbyland Europe — Scotland Democratic
United Minutemen Organization North America — From New Brunswick to Maryland Democratic
Vibelands Europe — Balkans; more specifically Bosnia Democratic
Vineton North America — Western Canada Democratic
Wadiya Africa — the Horn of Africa Fascism
Wakanda Africa — Eastern Africa Authoritarian
Wonderful Commonwealth Europe — European Russia Democratic
Yottishmamalands Asia — Vietnam Authoritarian
Your Favorite Republic Asia — Pakistan and Southern Afghanistan Democratic
Zeussian Empire Asia — Kuban Region, Crimea Authoritarian
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