Mabelia Soviet State
Mabelia Soviet State
Flag of communist Mabelia.
Leader: Mabel
Capital: The Cage
Population: 37.38m
Stability: 44%
War Support: 44%
Convoys: 180
Faction: CI (leader)
Tag: MAB
Ruling Party: Mabelian Popular Front
Starting Ideology: Communist
Civilian Factories: 7
Military Factories: 7
Naval Dockyards: 1
Manpower: 542.98k
Fielded Army: 392.45k
Major? Yes


Mabelia, officially the Mabelia Soviet State, is a major communist nation located in the Russian far-east and almost all of former Manchuria. It shares a direct land border with 3 major rivals: Boongusville, the Corruptus Horde, and the Northistan Khanate. It has a total of 42 divisions, making it the 2nd largest standing military in the region behind Parappiland. In addition, Mabelia is also the leader of the Communal International (CI) faction which consists of it alone at the start of the game. Major locations within Mabelia include the following:

  • The Cage, Mabelia's capital city.
  • Doggone, the former capital.


Prior to Sefaland's dominion over Alaska, a large group of huskies lived in the region. Fearing that their influence would be undermined by the mass immigration of Sefalandian citizens, the huskies moved to the east and made it to the Kamchatka Peninsula. Upon arrival, they noticed the land was uncolonized, and thus they quickly established a government. The newly established nation, hereby called the Republic of Doggerland, was unrecognized by a majority of other nations until a figure named Mabel arrived in the capital city of Doggone. She, along with many other German shepherds and a pomeranian named Tib Wimtha, explained how they had arrived from a land that they called the "Fernost"1 and with that in mind, they said they were native to the region. While this would otherwise be considered ordinary, Mabel had a plan to take over the government. Mabel took notice of a corporation that was helping to fund the expansion of Doggerland into Siberian territories so they could subjugate and annex the lands and took this as an act of aggression. Because of her ties to Kanomastan, she was indoctrinated with hatred for Altona hence her attempts to stop the corporation. Her predictions soon became true, as Doggone Corporation attempted to take control over the Doggone city council. Mabel counter-couped them in a worker's strike and revolution that lasted almost 2 months. Afterward, the Doggerland government admitted defeat, and the Mabelia Soviet State was proclaimed.

Quickly, Mabel herself initiated multiple expansionist policies. Under her rule, the Mabelia Soviet State annexed large areas of Siberia. Wishing for more industrial might, they traveled south with violent colonist militias in seek of developed lands with major cities throughout. They found themselves in Manchuria, and quickly subjugated the region under their rule. The capital was soon changed to be in this area and a large-scale construction project was started to create a new capital: The Cage. Mabel's policies advocated for rapid industrialization, and while this was going on, projects were being started that would cause an industrial upheaval in the nation. At this point, a faction named the Communal International was created to secure Mabelian dominance over the regional politics and its goal was to ignite cooperation within communist governments that could result in technology sharing and collaborative industrial projects. Currently, Mabelia is the only member of the CI.

While Mabelia is dominated solely by the Mabelian Popular Front, other illegal fringe parties2 and a national-bolshevik movement have arisen. The most worrying factor for the government is the existence of the National Bolshevik Movement which seeks to implement various elements of fascism with the rapid industrialization and Stalinist policies of the current government. The National Bolsheviks are led by former Mabelian Popular Front member Tib Wimtha, and while she herself has not had any attempted assassination attempts from Mabel, she is still being closely monitored by the central government.

In the mod's starting date, Mabelia is surrounded by many rivals or otherwise fascistic powers. Mabel is hoping to spread the revolution to these nations, either by politically meddling out outright invading them. This sentiment is especially prevalent towards Northistan, and many people think that the government is extremely biased when it comes to felines as a whole. Additionally, because of the fascist rivals and Tib-Wimtha's national Bolsheviks, an anti-fascist sentiment has become more common among the Mabelian Popular Front's members.

Internationally, Mabelia has strong relations with the Sisie Clique and has sent military equipment to them in order for them to fend off militias from the Corruptus Horde. As well as this, they plan to support the warlord state Cheedaland located in the Robput. On the contrary, they have a fierce rivalry with the Northistan Khanate not necessarily because of their ideological differences, but rather the high tension between felines and canines. They claim to own many Northistani provinces, which further cements their rivalry. Mabelia also has a border dispute with the Corruptus Horde over the province of Dalian. As it stands, Mabelia is a cornered nation.

Political Structure

Like all other nations, Mabelia has 4 different political parties which represent the 4 different ideologies found in-game. Those being democratic, communism, fascism, and authoritarian. Hyperlinks that have already seen use in this article are re-used here for ease of access.

Party Name Ideology Nation Name Leader Popularity
Mabelian Popular Front Communism Mabelia Soviet State Mabel 80%
National Bolshevik Movement Fascism German Shepherd Socialist Reich Tib Wimtha 16%
Doge Party Democratic Republic of Doggerland Doge 3%
Walter Group Authoritarian Walterland Walter Clements 1%

Additionally, an extra political party can be with the use of Mabelia's national focus tree. It is the SDLPD; also known as the Social Democratic Labor Party for Dogs.


The following tabs will show the unique flag for each ideology in Mabelia.


The flag of communist Mabelia.

National Spirits

Mabelia starts with 2 different national spirits.

Name Effects Description
Rapid Industrialization
  • Monthly Population: -25%
  • Construction Speed: +50%
  • Infrastructure Construction Speed: +50%
With our communist regime in place, we are able to seize the means of production and increase our economic output tenfold. Mabelia will become the power of the far-east in the next few years.
National Bolshevik Issue
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.20
  • Ruling Party Stability Modifier: -15%
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.05%
  • Daily Communism Support: +0.05%
Some dogs have taken the policies of Mabelian communism drastically out of proportion and have created a political alliance based on fear: the National Bolshevik Movement. Dare we test their might?

Army Statistics and Generals

The Mabelian military starts with 66% equipment for their army. Their equipment amounts are the following:

  • Infantry Equipment: 28.7k out of 43.3k needed.
  • Support Equipment: 653 out of 1.02k needed.
  • Artillery: 261 out of 408 needed.

Below is a list of all army generals that can be assigned to armies in Mabelia.

Focus Tree

Mabelia uses the custom Mabelian national focus tree.

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