Lore of Randomnautica

Pre-Randomnautica; Pre-Apocalypse

The Rise of Konstantany Marciniak

Before Randomnautica, there was Earth: a planet home to humans who were just starting to get rapid technological advancements in their society. A devastating war that resulted in the death of over 70 million people had just come to an end. In the ensuing peace talks, the crumbled remains of once glorious cities emerged and new countries formed from newly partitioned land. One of these new countries was named the Federative Republic of Ordatia (also known as Ordadia.) While information about its approximate location is scarce, it is believed that it was formed out of the northern Bosnian-Croatian border. Regardless of location, the nation was formed simply as a buffer zone between the newly established Warsaw Pact (an alliance of pre-Randomnautican communistic nations) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Additionally, a global organization known as the United Nations was created to prevent a future conflict from ever happening again.

Since its inception, Ordadia was always a rather poor nation. It did not have access to the technologies powers west of it had, and its government was being increasingly influenced by communistic ideals of the eastern nations. It seemed as if the nation was doomed to collapse or get annexed into more powerful neighbors, but luckily, a figure named Konstantany Marciniak was hired as the minister of research, and due to his excellence in the field, he later became the president of Ordadia. Although he got much praise, the world at large was still at a high risk of destruction, either by natural means or geopolitical disaster.

For a long time, the east and the west became mortal enemies to one another but neither side decided to act first, and thus the world was plunged into a seemingly eternal cold war between superpowers. The stakes were getting higher and higher, and people thought that the now widespread nuclear stockpiles were going to be used to destroy the entire world. Luckily, this never happened, but instead, something even more disastrous than ever imagined was on the horizon.

The Disaster

The summer of 1966 was a peaceful one until devastating news was delivered to the world by the United Nations organization. An unstoppable threat was imminent, and it was only known as the "Solar Flare." Nations around the world began researching the topic hoping that they would find a way to stop the inevitable, but there was nothing that could be done. The Solar Flare in question was an event occurring in the Earth's star: the Sun. 3 months from now, the United Nations predicted that the Solar Flare would cause the destruction of all life on Earth and engulf the entire planet in hellfire and destruction like nothing seen before. However, something more sinister was behind this entire conundrum.

The United Nations was accused of knowing about the impending doom ever since 1950 and was willingly keeping the information secretive in order to not cause public panic and anarchy. Whenever the deadline was drawing ever-so near, there was no more hiding what was about to happen as the Earth's populous started to take notice of the sky turning a sinister orange hue. Since Konstantany Marciniak was a member of the Global Security Council of the United Nations, he too knew about the impending doom. Since 1950, he had secretly been working on a project that was named the "Devil's Machine." Its purpose was to find a way to transport a majority of civilization into a near-perfect replica of planet Earth, thus ensuring that humanity could prosper through the disaster.

Accompanied by both Doctor Sefa Dewey and Doctor Ludendorf Marciniak (his equally intelligent brother,) Konstantany Marciniak developed the Devil's Machine to near completion. The project was going well until a fateful day when stricken by the news, Konstantany Marciniak was escorted from the premises due to a disturbing mental breakdown he suffered through. Neither Sefa Dewey nor Ludendorf Marciniak was notified of this occurrence, and instead, they went to the facility and into the laboratory housing the Devil's Machine. An unidentified facility guard stormed the premises to apprehend the two but instead, Sefa Dewey was alarmed and tripped over a wire connecting to the Devil's Machine. This unfortunate circumstance caused the Devil's Machine to activate without warning, and Sefa Dewey suffered horrific injuries while Ludendorf Marciniak was killed on the spot.

Quickly, a nearby United Nations Peacekeeping force was sent to the area to contain the threat that was the Devil's Machine. While all this was happening, facility guards at the mental hospital in charge of keeping Konstantany Marciniak in check did not notify him about the happenings under direct orders from the Ordatian military. After a large explosion happened at the facility, the shockwave was heard up to 250 miles away from the epicenter. Konstantany Marciniak caught wind of exactly what was going on, and he murdered the mental hospital's guards thus ensuring his escape. He soon made it to the Devil's Machine facility where almost 5000 armed personnel were waiting. He traveled into the facility via a large opening that was created from the blast and he proclaimed that the world was ending. Right after this, he jumped into a rift that the Devil's Machine created, hoping it would kill him in the process.


Instead of ensuring Konstantany Marciniak's death, he found himself in a plains area with a blue sky (contrary to the orange-hue of the old Earth.) He was surprised to see someone hold his hand out towards him. Upon further inspection, it was a figure dressed as a snowman. The figure soon motioned his hands towards his face and took off the snowman head which turned out to be a mask. This figure was no other than Doctor Sefa Dewey, and ever since this day, Konstantany Marciniak is the sole individual in all of Randomnautica to see Sefa Dewey's true, mangled face.

After this original encounter, it was soon discovered that the 2 had successfully transported themselves into a new dimension called Randomnautica: just what the Devil's Machine was intended to do. What happened afterward is something that neither could ever predict with rationality, even with their brilliant and entrenched minds.

Beginning of the End

Back on Earth, there was still a lingering issue. The world was going to end in a matter of 3 months and now that the Devil's Machine has been destroyed, there is no more hope for humanity. Now referred to as the "Devil's Incident," the situation involving the destruction of the Devil's Machine claimed the lives of almost 100 security personnel. The disaster could have easily been avoided, but the domino effect surely took its toll.

There was no possible way that the United Nations could effectively cover up the Devil's Incident, and so instead, they proclaimed to the world what had happened on that fateful day. With Konstantany Marciniak missing in action, the Federative Republic of Ordatia was leaderless. Because of this, Ordadia was disestablished. Its sovereignty was no more as the nation plunged into anarchy.

The Apocalypse

A significant amount of time had passed and many former Ordatian politicians preferred to stay silent about the events and even quit their political careers. With the single-most-important man of the entire country, if not the entire world, as well as his invention now gone, Earth was plunged into a state of a global depression. As the sky continued to darken red, economies began to decline, birth rates lowered, and many states collapsed from rebellions and anarchy.

Approximately 6 hours before the Solar Flare disaster, the entire world erupted into full anarchy. Even the most authoritarian regimes collapsed under the people's anarchist nature as everyone knew in the hearts everything they created, destroyed, suffered through, as well as their histories were about to be destroyed for good. Looters, rioters, and even false prophets surged globally. Then, there was silence. A global broadcast using one of Konstantany Marciniak's old inventions was sent, urging people to seek shelter. Even the reporters knew there was no hope left, as the sorrow in their voice was clearly heard. No matter where people tried to hide, they would all meet the same fate: destruction by the Solar Flare.


As mentioned before, Konstantany Marciniak and Sefa Dewey were attempting to thoroughly enjoy the peaceful new world they found themselves in. That was until the unexpected and still partially unexplained happened right before their eyes. In the following days, many insane events began to occur in the world of Randomnautica (at this point, the term was officially coined by Sefa Dewey.)

Wave 1: Colloquially known as the "First Wave," thousands of portal storms appeared throughout Randomnautica. Each one released a variety of different entities into the world, thus populating it. It is unclear if this event is directly linked to the Combine, seeing as they did not appear until much later.

Wave 2: Also known as the "Nationalist Uprising," Wave 2 consisted of the newcomers through the portal storms discovering that the land was largely unpopulated prior to their arrival. Because of this, many began to form warlord states, cliques, and tribal armies.

Wave 3: Wave 3 is simply remembered as "War." In Wave 3, many of the warlord tribes began to invade one another, thus causing chaos wherever they went. During this time Konstantany Marciniak and Sefa Dewey were removed from the conflict due to the fact they created a safe house and stored a massive supply of food that could last them for 2 or more months.

Wave 4: Sometimes called the "Consolidation Era," Wave 4 was the stage where many of the warlord tribes capitulated to more powerful ones. During this stage, actual formal governments began to consolidate rule over their territories.

Wave 5: Wave 5 is the stage where new ideas flourished throughout Randomnautica's increasingly populated environment. Most notably, Neo-Corporatism was developed during this time and took power in Western Europe. Visit the Political Spectrum page to found out more about this era.

After the political state of Randomnautica calmed down and the more competent governments retained solid control, Brian Marciniak and Sefa Dewey emerged from their safe house. What they witnessed was nothing short of awe-inspiring to them, as they saw all the different races from all the different dimensions that traveled to Randomnautica for one reason or another. Brian Marciniak was invigorated to activate his brilliant mind once more and embraced the political landscape so that he could study the world of Randomnautica. His research would soon accurately describe how or why many of the races appeared in Randomnautica.

Marciniak's Studies

After spending a considerable amount of time studying the new mysterious realm he found himself the epicenter of, Konstantany Marciniak began writing a comprehensive list of all the reasons why each race he has encountered so far is where it currently stands. As well as this, he has also slowly reunited the lands of the former Federative Republic of Ordatia, thus making it anew.


Firstly, Konstantany Marciniak attempted to deal with the rising Combine threat. Konstantany Marciniak argued that the Combine were always present and they used their highly advanced technology to travel to Randomnautica once the other warlord cliques during Wave 2 were created. The reasoning for why was that the Combine are an inter-dimensional empire that will subjugate any opposition and intelligent population under their brutal rule. He described how they are responsible for enslaving hundreds of different alien species that they genetically modify into super soldiers to power their massive inter-galactic army. He established that they came to Randomnautica because they saw it as an easy target for expansion.


As for the Robloxians, Konstantany Marciniak concluded that they appeared after David Baszucki took control of the Robloxian Republic in former Norway. After questioning David Baszucki, he eventually told Konstantany Marciniak that the so-called "Solar Flare" event Konstantany Marciniak described never happened. Because of this, Konstantany Marciniak established that most human politicians in Randomnautica along with the Robloxians are from an alternative version of Earth. For the Robloxians in particular, it appears that a fatal collapse struck the Robloxian economy and they were forced to retreat to a new realm so that they could rebuild the economy with a completely new currency.

Other Humans

Next, Konstantany Marciniak tried to tackle the situation concerning how other humans made it into Randomnautica. With the previous information regarding the interview with David Baszucki and the parallel universes of Earth, he concluded that they must've had a similar Earth-ending event which then forced them to retreat to the new dimension of Randomnautica. As for how they all ended up in the same realm, nobody can comprehend that subject even to this day.

Marciniak's Final Conclusion

In the end, Konstantany Marciniak concluded that the apocalyptic event back on Earth was not just linked to that reality in particular, but many world-ending events were occurring in different (yet similar) forms throughout the multiverse which caused so many people to appear in Randomnautica so suddenly. As no ordinary Randomnautican truly knows what happened, Marciniak's theory is the most accepted one.

As well as this, Marciniak was intrigued by the fact that the many pre-Randomnautican counterparts of Earth animals were suddenly gaining human-like sentience. He concluded that the fallout of the Devil's Incident disaster carried over into Randomnautica and thus the radiation caused the animals to mutate and become more human in nature.

The Current Age

As Randomnautica currently stands, it is in-fact still a viable successor to the planet Earth. Randomnautica's creation had some unexpected side-effects, most notably being the cross-dimensional wormholes that brought many different races and beings together. Because of this, Randomnautica is dominated by both Humans and the Robloxians. It should be known that the 2 races mostly live in harmony with one another with the only governmental action being taken against one another is the banning of the popular children's video game "ROBLOX" which was thought to have spawned them in the first place. David Baszucki, president of the Robloxian Republic has continually been interrogated about the existence of sentient Robloxian creatures, but he has not been proven to yield any desirable answers from his interviewers. While both of the creatures are omnipresent, lately the Robloxians seem to have got the upper edge against the humans. Seeing as the Robput (former India) is completely inhabited by them and has a population of about 300 million, it is obvious as to why this is becoming a truth in the world.

Of course, Humans and Robloxians are not the only creatures to exist in the world. Many races from all over the multiverse have made their presence known. A few notable ones being the following:

  • Animatronics — found mostly in Fazmenia. They are also linked to Artificial Intelligences. They have a higher cognitive sense than normal A.I, and thus, they have become political figures in a few select areas. Fazmenian animatronics in particular were created via the Fazmenian home base located in the Rub Al Khali desert. Fazmenian animatronics have since gone on to create a new religion and political ideology called Fazism.
  • Bugs — found back on the old world (Earth,) sentient bugs are mostly found in Marce's Realm.
  • Cartoon Characters — cartoon characters were seen as popular icons amongst children and adults alike. Since Randomnautica's creation, they have become sentient beings just like many other previously fictional humans/creatures/or other beings.
  • Cats — mainly found in the Northistan Khanate and Battleblock Theater, cats were previously seen as "pets" for humans before Randomnautica. Since Randomnautica, they have gotten cognitive functions similar to that of primates. As they evolved, they eventually created their own dialect and language and thus are on the same intelligence levels as humans. Additionally, cats have a fierce rivalry with dogs.
  • Combine — sometimes considered to be one of the strongest cross-dimensional races ever to grace Randomnautica, the Combine are an inter-dimensional alien race that is known for colonizing planets with their grievously superior armies. They are most notable for taking over planet Earth which plays a part in humanity's escape to Randomnautica.
  • Corruptus/Corruptens — the Corruptens seem to originate from excessive online internet trolling. Corruptens are created by Corruptus who is able to turn normal trolls into corrupted beings via direct contact. Another defining property of Corruptens would be their political values. The Corruptus Horde, an ethnostate that the Corruptens inhabit, is notable for using extremely spartanist, feudalist, and primitive systems of government.
  • Dogs — dogs are the main enemies of cats and are concentrated mostly in a single nation called Mabelia. Just like cats, they have levels of sentience that are much higher than their pre-Randomnautican counterparts.
  • Poptepipics — Poptepipics are found in the Poptepipic Republic. They are noticeably shorter than a lot of other species and usually have exaggerated facial features. As well as this, their culture seems to be parodying pre-Randomnautican media. National leaders and figures are fitted with unique clothing or appliances, with the most common being hair-bows, braids, or certain hats.
  • Sea Creatures — sea creatures are the inhabitants of the many archipelagos and islands that are under the administration of Bikini Bottom. They have an unusual ability that allows them to breathe both underwater and on land with ease. They also speak in pre-Randomnautican languages.

There are still dozens of other races that sporadically inhabit Randomnautica but have varying population sizes.

As the political state of Randomnautica currently stands, it is the calm before the storm that will ultimately decide the fate of the entire new world. It seems as if history is doomed to repeat itself, and Randomnauters are destined to be destroyed by supernatural events or by their own weaponry. The ladder seems more likely, as a dangerously totalitarian regime has taken over almost all of Eastern Europe named Altona Corporation. Altona Corporation is a megacorporation government where a single corporate entity controls every single aspect of everyday life. While normally, it is simply just a horrific and potentially dangerous regime seeking to expand its influence abroad, Altona Corporation is anything but ordinary. Rumors have it that they are attempting to create nuclear devices to destroy all their enemies with hellfire and ash. If this were to come to reality, the newly created realm of Randomnautica would surely be destroyed.

The Robput Collapses

As mentioned before, Robloxians are an ever-present race within the world of Randomnautica. This happened due to massive immigration and portal storm activity happening in the Indian sub-continent, now referred to as the "Robput" by new settlers. The Robput quickly became the biggest Robloxian-inhabited state in all of Randomnautica, and it was beginning to develop an over-extended military spanning the entire sub-continent.

Because of the large military size (as of yet, there is no accurate data, but it is believed that it numbered around 1.35 million soldiers,) the Regional Military Districts of the Robput (RMDR) were created to allow certain regional militaries to perform tasks more efficiently in their area. This plan ended up backfiring heavily, as an abundance of regional personnel took this as their chance to demand more autonomy from the central Robputin government. This on top of increasingly dangerous political instability caused the central government to lose its grip over their regional districts, and certain military districts began ignoring orders from the centralized government in Robputina. After a military coup launched by Hyperant and his loyalists in the capital succeeded, many regional districts collapsed into chaos as officials from them attempted to do the same to proclaim their own independent warlord states. By the time everything was stabilized, the Hyperant Clique ended up only controlling the cities of Robputina (the capital,) Rikken-Robputo, and Robtopia.

The Robput Regency Government was soon proclaimed with the remaining territories controlled by the Hyperant Clique being its official border. 5 other warlord states self-proclaimed their independence before this however due to their own ensuing political incidents. Those being Arsenal, Cheedaland, RobloxWare, the Robot Observatory, and Site-76.

What was once one of the strongest nations in the entire world of Randomnautica was reduced to ash in mere months. If it were to reunite now, it could begin to quickly industrialize and regain its status as a world power. However, as each of the 6 nations now encompassing lands in the sub-continent have political rivalries and issues of their own, it is unsure who will become the true unifier of the Robput.

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