Republic of Kanomastan
Republic of Kanomastan
The flag of Kanomastan. It is also used with fascist and authoritarian Kanomastan if Mister Anomalous P.K. is the leader of those ideologies.
Leader: Mister Anomalous P.K.
Capital: New Francis
Population: 11.50m
Stability: 71%
War Support: 40%
Convoys: 45
Faction: Quack-Pact (leader)
Tag: KAN
Ruling Party: Freedom Alliance
Starting Ideology: Democratic
Civilian Factories: 6
Military Factories: 4
Naval Dockyards: 0
Manpower: 51.91k
Fielded Army: 114k
Major? Yes


Kanomastan is a major nation located in Central Asia, specifically former Kazakhstan. As well as being landlocked, it shares a direct land border with Bennettia, Corruptengugkuo, the Northistan Khanate, the Wonderful Commonwealth, Your Favorite Republic, and Zeussia. It has a total of 14 divisions. It is the leader of the Quack-Pact faction which consists of itself and Bennettia at the start of the game. Major locations within Kanomastan include the following:

  • New Francis
  • Downtown New Francis
  • Kuzcek
  • The Domain
  • The Catacombs
  • Raven Brooks
  • Platform Nine


Kanomastan, officially the Republic of Kanomastan, was one of the first nations to form in the world of Randomnautica. Its founder Mister Anomalous P.K. was the former mayor of the city of New Francis. His mayoral term consisted of holding public meetings which gained him a lot of popularity with New Francisonian citizens. During a raid by corporate evil Altona, New Francis came under siege by Altona agents which demanded that Anomalous P.K. was to be removed from power and transfer all property rights of the city to Altona Corporation. He refused, and instead used a device created by a famous researcher named Zeus in order to enter a previously uncolonized world. He had officially found himself in the world of Randomnautica with his disciples following closely behind.

Kanomastan was founded upon the principles of anti-Altonan and anti-corporate sentiment due to the devastation the close-by corporation had caused the citizens of New Francis. A new rendition of New Francis was founded upon these ideals in present-day Almaty which retained the same name as before. Mister Anomalous P.K. soon gained control of the vast deserts in the Great Steppe with help of loyalist colonizers which gained Kanomastan legal status as a sovereign state.

The previously mentioned famed researcher Zeus was given a role as the minister of technology but soon left the position so that he could create his own nation named the Tsardom of Zeussia. Originally, Zeusonium was owned by Mister Anomalous P.K., but after Zeussia began to mobilize its newly founded military, the Zeusonium deposits were returned to the Zeussian government to prevent an armed conflict. After Zeusonium was no longer in possession of the Kanomastani government, a new infrastructure project was created to rival Zeusonium technology. It used the codename "Catacombs" and was finished 2 years after inception.

Later on, a new close ally was being made. Bennett McMasters had escaped from Bulgaria and traveled through the Caucasus region of Zeussia. Soon enough, McMasters and his followers soon found themselves in Kanomastani territory. When the Kanomastani government was alerted to these mass immigrations, Bennett McMasters pleaded to Anomalous P.K. to give him refuge from the brutal Combine menace which took over his military outpost at Bulgaria and killed a number of his soldiers. Out of sympathy due to the similarities between Altona and the Combine, Mister Anomalous P.K. formally announced that southern regions of Kanomastan (named Kyzylkum) were ceded to the newly found nation of Bennettia. The transfer of land had reduced Kanomastan's overall land size and population by about 35 percent and caused controversy, but in compromise, the newly found Bennettian nation pledged to swear allegiance to Kanomastan, and thus the Quack-Pact was formed. Everything was going great for the ruling Freedom Alliance at this time. It remained this way up until the neighboring Northistan Khanate sent a military force of 8000 felines into the Northern Catacombs region and annexed it. Luckily, the government was quick to react and deployed ground troops so that they could prevent Northistan from fully taking over the Catacombs. This still caused the popularity of the government to fall greatly, seeing as they had just ceded vast areas of land and now they had lost a crucial part of their territory to an enemy nation.

In the 1936 start date, Kanomastan is in the middle of a political crisis in which four different political parties have managed to gain substantial power against the neoconservatives (including Mister Anomalous P.K.) who run the Freedom Alliance (abbreviated as the NPK)1 The party had originally consolidated power over the nation due to its de-facto or otherwise unofficial status of a "big-tent" political alliance mainly composed of conservatives and agrarian social democrats who supported Christian democracy, but after the party's overall position shifted towards the right-wing, this changed. On top of this, the arrival of new politicians such as former American business tycoon Donald Trump who fled Vineton after losing an election to a certain "Cheeseburger Freedom Man," a cult-like organization only known as the "Domain Council" which voices support for radical socialist policies, and a Kazakh native who became a politician after he gained popularity from his journalism Borat Sagdiyev are credited as the direct causes for the numerous ensuing political incidents.

It is up to Mister Anomalous P.K. and his many loyalists to make a decision that will decide the entire fate of the nation at hand: will they continue upholding their democratic policies, or will Mister Anomalous P.K. establish a dictatorial oligarchy under himself and a few members? On the contrary, it seems as if it is almost too late to save democracy in Kanomastan, as Anomalous P.K. had decided to suspend elections after a narrow victory by him. "We might need a dictator to end all dictators," proclaimed Mister Anomalous P.K.

Political Structure

Like all other nations, Kanomastan has 4 different political parties which represent the 4 different ideologies found in-game. Those being democratic, communism, fascism, and authoritarian. Hyperlinks that have already seen use in this article are re-used here for ease of access.

Party Name Ideology Nation Name Leader Popularity
Freedom Alliance Democratic Republic of Kanomastan Mister Anomalous P.K. 40%
Sagdiyev Dynasty Authoritarian Khanate of Boratia/Kazakh Khanate Borat Sagdiyev/Tutar Sagdiyev 29%
MKGA2 Fascism Great Kanomastan Donald Trump 23%
Domain Council Communism People's Republic of Kanomastan Domain Council 7%

2 more political parties can be created with the use of Kanomastan's national focus tree. They are the P.K. Loyalists and Roth's Clan.


The following tabs will show the unique flag for each ideology in Kanomastan.


The flag of democratic Kanomastan.

National Spirits

Kanomastan starts with 2 different national spirits.

Name Effects Description
The Catacombs
  • Division Speed Modifier: +10%
  • Division Organization Modifier: +10%
The Catacombs are paths of large, winding tunnels going all across our nation. They are underground which allows our army to move more effeciently and secretly.
Unstable Politics
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.50
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.05%
  • Daily Authoritarian Support: +0.05%
  • Daily Communism Support: +0.05%
After the very close victory, Mister Anomalous P.K. and his Freedom Alliance coalition had back in 1928, elections were postponed in order for the government to keep control over the nation. We are now entering a political crisis as the population is divided into 4 parties.

Army Statistics and Generals

The Kanomastani military starts with 71% equipment for their army. Their equipment amounts are the following:

  • Infantry Equipment: 7.95k out of 11.0k needed.
  • Support Equipment: 15 out of 30 needed.
  • Artillery: 72 out of 108 needed.
  • Light Tank: 722 out of 1.08k needed.

Below is a list of all army generals that can be assigned to armies in Kanomastan.

Focus Tree

Kanomastan uses the custom Kanomastani national focus tree.

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