Introductory + Disclaimers

Welcome to our wiki. This is the official wiki of the Hearts of Iron 4 mod called Hearts of Randomnautica. The wiki’s purpose is to detail everything portrayed in the mod.


1. This is not a political lobbying site
Besides the use of the Left-Right political spectrum, references to real-world politicians and/or political parties are few and far between and are used most — if not all of the time — in a satirical manner. This wiki is not meant to change your personal political beliefs, neither is it to glorify political figures. As well as this, this is not a wiki for historical and accurate information. Everything listed here is fantasy and alternative history.

2. Is this fan-fiction?
No, not at all. This is a massive crossover, but it is very much not a fan-fiction. Characters have backstories, whether they are made up by we the developers or are from video games, movies, comics, or other media sources, but that is only there to establish their place in our world.

3. Informational Policy
This wiki follows Wikidot’s guidelines and will never display objectionable content to you. While the content displayed is not historical, rather it is fantasy alternative history, there are still real-world political ideologies portrayed. We try to keep it clean, and while the mod does feature a few brutal regimes, we will never go into detail about genocide or systematic racism as neither of those forms of government is canonical within the mod’s lore.

4. Bias
We are not biased and this is a primarily informational wiki that attempts to detail the histories behind everything portrayed in the mod. This is not a platform for us to share our own political beliefs, so you can rest assured while reading. While some wording on certain topics might seem subjective, they are only used to describe the topic poetically and interestingly. Additionally, anything depicted here is not meant to relate to real-life political situations. We are not trying to make any political stances when writing political parties, characters, or simply just establishing the political climate of the in-game world itself. This is not some 'eye-opener' or anything, so please don't regard it as such (i.e we aren't like "corporations are evil!" just because a lot of countries are governed by a corporation under a fascist regime.) It's called fantasy for a reason, people!

5. What's with all the extremism?
First off, far-right and far-left parties are abundant because of how Hearts of Iron 4's simple ideology system works. You either go democratic, authoritarian, or extremist with communism and/or fascism. If there were a more complex ideology system, non-democratic or non-authoritarian parties would have a little bit more variety between each other. Note that not every country has a communist or fascist regime. Check the ruling parties to learn more.

6. Wikipedia Articles
On this wiki, we use hyperlinks that take users who click to the official page of the respective article. We suggest you act maturely and if you want to make edits to Wikipedia articles, you must participate in conversations, act mature, and do more complicated tasks in order to have your edit not be reverted or get your account blocked. We suggest that you stray away from editing the Wikipedia articles we link you to anyway, but regardless they are there so that we don't have to make a bunch of pages for real-world ideologies and locations. If we did not use hyperlinks to the official Wikipedia, we'd have 10x more articles than we already have. So again: be responsible and don't tamper with official Wikipedia articles as Wikipedia is a professional site.

7. "This Site is Not Secure"
While developing the wiki, we have taken notice that on Google Chrome the text "Not Secure" appears next to the link of this wiki. We assure you that this is not a problem with our wiki, rather it is a universal issue applying to all Wikidot wikis. If you check any other notable Wikidot wiki, you will see the same warning. We will never ask you for personal information like your credit cards or anything of the sort, and there are no areas to input such information to begin with. Logging into your Wikidot account should also not be an issue, as this warning is likely a false positive. Again, this warning is on every Wikidot site, so it's most likely a problem with your browser and not our wiki.

8. Randonautica vs Randomnautica
We are in no way associated with the mobile app named Randonautica. The similarity of both of the titles is a mere coincidence.

9. How can I contribute?
First off, you should read this page. If you come across an inconsistency, spelling error, or any other flaw while you are reading and you want to fix it, you need an account and must follow the steps and rules outlined in the "Join the Site" page. Once accepted, your membership will never expire (at least until this project is completed.)

10. Where can I chat?
We do not have any dedicated community chats, but you can use our forums. With the forums, you can suggest changes for Hearts of Randomnautica itself or the content here on the wiki. You can also participate in general discussion. Make sure to follow rules 2 and 5 when participating in the forums. There are other alternatives to this, such as Randomnautica's Steam discussion page.

Enjoy your time here!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License