Our wiki has numerous types of infoboxes that display information about certain topics.

You can find a list of all infoboxes here.

Types of Infoboxes

Below are the types of infoboxes and details explaining their functionality.

Country Info

Flag of authoritarian Loserville.
Leader: Pinhead Larry
Capital: Losertown
Population: 445.45m
Stability: 100%
War Support: 5%
Convoys: 1000
Faction: Loser United Front
Tag: LOL
Ruling Party: Losers United
Starting Ideology: Authoritarian
Civilian Factories: 15
Military Factories: 15
Naval Dockyards: 15
Manpower: 3.00k
Fielded Army: 1k
Major? No

Of course, this nation is non-existent and it isn't represented in Hearts of Randomnautica in any way. This is a mere example demonstrating how the country info infobox functions. If you want to see more, check the source code of this page. The same principle applies if you wish to see the inner workings of every other infobox detailed here.

Name: The nation's name.

Image: The flag of the nation in question, specifically the one that they start with (if a country starts as communist, then it will display their communist flag and so on.)

Caption: The caption under the image. Usually, it will say "flag of (ideology) (country name.)"

Leader: The nation's leader.

Capital: The nation's capital.

Population: The nation's core population.

Stability: The nation's starting stability.

War Support: The nation's starting war support.

Convoys: The number of trading convoys that the nation starts with.

Faction: This tab will display the name of the faction the nation in question is a part of. If it isn't in a faction, this will say "none."

Tag: The internal tag that is used to define the country. For example, typing "tag LOL" will switch you to the nation with that particular tag.

Ruling Party: The nation's ruling party. This will usually be a hyperlink that leads to the respective party's page.

Starting Ideology: The in-game ideology that the nation starts as.

Civilian Factories: How many civilian factories the nation starts with.

Military Factories: How many military factories the nation starts with.

Dockyards: How many naval dockyards the nation starts with.

Manpower: How much manpower the nation has available.

Fielded Army: How much manpower is being used to supply the nation's ground divisions, airforce, and navy.

Major?: Is the nation major or not? Will say "Yes" if it is classified as such in-game, and vice versa if it isn't.

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