Hearts of Randomnautica, as well as base-game Hearts of Iron 4, features 4 different ideologies that each nation can adhere to. Randomnautica's ideologies share similar statistics to those of the base game, but each has a different A.I. and will perform different actions according to what rival ideologies do (such as guaranteeing the independence of vulnerable nations, starting wars, etc.) Said statistics had minor modifications, but overall not much was changed as to not upset the game balance.

Each ideology found in-game is listed below with a short description.


Although many so-called "democracies" do not hold free elections, they still uphold libertarian ideals and have interventionist foreign policies that seek to establish security in the global geopolitical scene.

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Characterized by the extremist left-wing, communism is a political philosophy that can combine dictatorial politics with extreme views on socialist economic policies. Classical communism employed dictatorial policies while most post-Randomnautican communist regimes are anarchist in nature. Communism is not common at the start of the game, but many nations might flip to a communist system if they are pressured to do such. Many of the starting communist nations also tend to be good candidates for territorial and political expansion.

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Characterized by the extremist right-wing, fascism is an ideology that combines ultranationalism with totalitarian views. Fascism typically opposes both communism and capitalism, but in the world of Randomnautica, most fascist nations take capitalism to the extreme. In most cases, the fascist nations are portrayed to be the antagonists.

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Authoritarian nations relate to dictatorships that do not align with communism or fascism or despotic regimes that do not regard ideology and instead only care about maintaining control over a nation and its people. Authoritarian nations can range from military dictatorships, statist big-tent regimes, or other types of despotism.

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