"Fun Stuff Plaza" Event

The Fun Stuff Plaza is a hidden event in Hearts of Randomnautica that can only be activated by using the command 'event funstuff.1' in the console (press '~' to activate it in non-ironman single-player games.) In the Fun Stuff Plaza, many options that can modify the playing experience are available and are listed accordingly in this article.

funstuff.1 Options:

The funstuff.1 page of the Fun Stuff Plaza event features 5 options, with option 5 being to take the viewer to the funstuff.2 menu with even more options. On this page, 4 different options to change every country to one of the 4 in-game ideologies is present. Originally, this was the idea that made the Fun Stuff Plaza event come to fruition, with a debug focus tree shortly being applied to a random country and tested to change every country to an ideology in order to check for any missing portraits. After testing, a total of around 7 incorrectly programmed portraits were found and promptly fixed.

funstuff.2 Options:

The funstuff.2 page can be accessed with the aforementioned 5th option on the funstuff.1 page (which is slightly off-screen due to how the game's GUI works.) Funstuff.2 features 4 options, with the 4th one being called "Take me back." which sends you back to the funstuff.1 page. In funstuff.2, 2 options pertaining to Altona are available, bluntly named "Altona: fuck my shit up fam" and "Altona: fuck their shit up fam." Choosing the first option will make Altona declare war on every other nation while the latter option will give them a buff called "Quantum Breakthrough!" (as well as also declare war on every other country and grant them 999 nuclear weapons) is applied to them which grants +1000% division defense and attack, as well as a +100% surrender limit which means every province Altona occupies must be taken for them to surrender. The 3rd option listed is named "Make Donald Trump the leader of every nation!" which does as the title suggests and makes Donald Trump the leader of every ideology for every nation. Each 4 ideologies Donald Trump represents will change his name, but keep his portrait the same.

The "Quantum Breakthrough!" national spirit also has a customized description, which is the following:

"Our researchers have just discovered something that can change our position in not just Europe - but the entire world of Randomnautica! Our divisions have been implanted with high-tech modifications and the people have been forced to become ultranationalists meaning we will never surrender to anyone! This is nothing short of a miracle, but we can't waste time and we must take full advantage of this."

This event is available to all players who read the description on the mod's Steam Workshop page, as well as read this article. The Fun Stuff Plaza was originally a debug feature in the form of a focus tree, but later on, it was made into a user-friendly event that can be used at any time in a single-player, non-ironman lobby in order to spice up the player's experience.

Additionally, the localization files of the event are located in the randomnauticadecember_l_english.yml file where the Mabelian focus tree events are also listed.

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