Factions are supranational political alliances where each member-state will fight aside one another in armed conflicts. In Randomnautica, there are 3 different factions at the start of the game, with more potentially being created as the game progresses.

The factions at the start of the game, their member states, and a short description of them will be listed on this page. They are sorted by total member count.

Neutral Coalition

A faction comprising of the entirety of the British Isles minus the Isle of Man (Sodor.) It is owned by the Saladlands. The faction's membership consists of nations with authoritarian regimes alongside Tubbyland: a democratic puppet state of the Saladlands. The faction is an anti-war coalition. Each member-state has military access through Sodor, making the alliance's military closely connected. Regardless of diplomacy, Sodor has decided to stay out of the faction considering the fact it has no standing military at the start of the game.

Members: the Saladlands, Tubbyland (a puppet state of the Saladlands,) and Newtube.


A political alliance consisting of both Kanomastan and Bennettia. The faction encompasses all of Central Asia and wishes to expand its influence to the Republic of Random and the Zeussian Empire. The faction was created by Kanomastan in order to secure an alliance with the newly created Bennettian state.

Members: Kanomastan and Bennettia.

Communal International

Also known as simply the "CI," the Communal International is a communist faction that as of now only has one member: Mabelia. Due to Mabelia's status as an emerging power, it should not be underestimated. Additionally, Mabel's foreign policy is expansionist and internationalist, meaning that the Sisie Clique, Cheedaland, the Downunder, and even Sefaland can join under certain circumstances.

Members: Mabelia

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