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Developer Bio

Greetings kind viewers and readers alike, I am the creator of Hearts of Randomnautica and manager of this wiki. I hope you enjoyed what we had to offer here, but let me segway ourselves into the introduction real quick.


I am AnomalousDucky, creator of the mod. I want to use this page to detail why I have decided to spend time making a wiki as well as what my main motives for making the mod are.

First off, let me talk about Randomnautica itself. I think of it as more of a passion project that I want to see to completion. Whenever it gets released, I want to make sure it is as high quality as possible with completed national focus trees, a finished map, etcetera. Most of the nations are based on inside inside-jokes that I feel like sharing with the players as well as things in my everyday life such as my cat North or my dog Mable featured in the nations of the Northistan Khanate and Mabelia. Additionally, the character of Bennett McMasters is based on my little brother.

The mod is sort-of like the crossover world mod (which was my main inspiration, in-fact) and other one-off joke mods. However, my mod is attempting to be serious seeing as I have dedicated so much time to creating it and making sure this wiki is touched up so that players can try to get a grasp on the stories I am trying to tell and root for the characters that are represented in the mod while playing. My personal favorite character is the previously mentioned Bennett McMasters, just in case you were wondering.

The Creation of the Wiki

So, why did I create this wiki? Well, I got inspired by the actual Wikipedia to do so, specifically the political party pages. While I'm in school, I'd usually be browsing many wiki pages related to politics in my spare time. I think it was amazing to see all these interestingly obscure political parties; both modern and historical. I wanted to capture the same feeling when people came across this site, I wanted them to be marveled by its bizarre approach to the topics at hand and be engulfed in the lore. On top of that, I also wanted to provide information to players by detailing how parts of the game function. In the mod, the links that lead to the Paradox Interactive forum, Paradox's official Facebook, and so on have had changes with one of the buttons being changed to a link to this very wiki meaning that players can access these details while in the game!

Future and Past Endeavors

I am an avid Hearts of Iron 4 modder that has no plans to stop after Randomnautica is finished. I plan to make a Randomnautica 2 (the plot behind this one remains a mystery as of now) as well as a post-apocalyptic Doomsday mod. I might even try my hands at some other alternate history examples. Speaking of which…

My Hearts of Iron 4 modding adventure began with a project called Rise of Alash: a mod taking place after the Soviet Union's rule over its Soviet Socialist puppet states including the likes of Kazakhstan came to an end after a rebellion. The mod featured nations such as the Alash Orda, United Syndicates of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Bekstvo of Matcha, the Turkmen-Persian Protectorate, the Republic of Uyghuristan, and a warlord Caucasus region. After a fatal error involving the mod crashing on startup, the mod was canceled because I could not find a fix. An unfortunate end, but at least it taught me a lot about modding, and so my next few projects were starting to shape up and be more competently-made.

My next project was called "Hearts of Heabo" and was the predecessor to what is now Hearts of Randomnautica. It was more shitpost-like than Hearts of Randomnautica could ever hope to be, which is one of the reasons for its discontinuation. Additionally, I was just interested in doing other things and so barely any progress was made while it was an active project. Some notable facts from this early mod include Bennettia being colored lime-green on the map (this was due to an error with the coloring which caused colors to be inversed) as well as Kanomastan being communist.

After the cancellation of this mod, I took a long break but eventually came back to make a reboot of my older Rise of Alash mod named "Alash Revamped." It met the same fate as Hearts of Heabo, and it never really went anywhere. There was one good thing to come out of this, however, and it was the fact that it taught me a lot more about modding and my process for creating new nations became really refined after this. This would later go on to prove its worth it in the end, as a new project was being worked on after this.

Next up was ADAHD — "AnomalousDucky's Alternate History of Debauchery". An interesting title for sure. Joking aside, this was just another precursor to what is now Randomnautica, but this one was slightly more competent in its development hence the previously mentioned refined processes I learned from developing Alash Revamped. ADAHD was the first project to really bring the whole crossover aspect into play, seeing as there was no way I could occupy every state in the Hearts of Iron 4 map by simply making up characters of my own. The first of these crossover nations were Fazmenia and Sarasaland, and they were eventually brought over into the final rendition of Hearts of Randomnautica. If there is anything to take from this development phase, it was that Sarasaland's community party used to be named "Mario is a COMMUNIST? - Game Theory" as a reference to a video by Game Theory with a similar name. Also, only 8 countries were fully completed. Those being Doofania, Fazmenia, Molossia, Mustachistan1, Ordadia, Petoria, Sarasaland, and Sodor. Again, this mod was the framework of the upcoming Hearts of Randomnautica.

Later on, this mod was scrapped in favor of completely restarting. The new project promise to make new assets such as characters using the default Hearts of Iron 4 portrait background instead of being lazily-slapped on JPEGs. Hearts of Randomnautica was officially in business, but by this point, it did not have a title. I was trying to get ideas, but after hearing of a viral sensation sweeping the internet about a certain mobile app with a similar name causing weird events to go on, I decided to base my name around that. To avoid confusion, it wasn't called Hearts of Randonautica, but instead Hearts of Randomnautica. I also did not want my mod to be confused with Randonautica due to the fact the Randonautica app was accused of sending people into dangerous locations, with a suitcase of severed limbs even being found because of the app's misdirection (yes, that actually happened.)

Moving on, Randomnautica's final development phase was entered and I was spending time re-creating the countries from the previous rendition from the ground up. After that, I had many ideas to implement, but these ideas later became less frequent and I was having to look for alternatives to fill my modding craze. I attempted to once again reboot Rise of Alash under the name "Death of the Bear," but yet again, it didn't go anywhere before I got more ideas that I wanted to implement into Randomnautica.

Now, that's my long story with Hearts of Iron 4 modding, and the end of my biography page. I hope you learned a little something today, and I also hope you are enjoying this wiki and all the content it has to offer!

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