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Legionnaires Bennettia

The flag of Bennettia.
Leader: Bennett McMasters
Capital: White Mesa
Population: 14.93m
Stability: 42% (base: 37%)
War Support: 70%
Convoys: 11
Faction: Quack-Pact
Tag: BEN
Ruling Party: Military Clique
Starting Ideology: Authoritarian
Civilian Factories: 10
Military Factories: 6
Naval Dockyards: 0
Manpower: 150.34k
Fielded Army: 124.90k
Major? No


Bennettia is a nation located in Central Asia, specifically former Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Northern Afghanistan. It is landlocked and shares a direct land border with Kanomastan, the Republic of Random, and Your Favorite Republic. It has a total of 15 divisions. Major locations within Bennettia include the following:

  • White Mesa
  • City 18
  • New Ravenholm


Bennettia was founded by Bennett McMasters, a former U.S army general operating in the state of Tennessee. During the final years of the cold war, McMasters was instructed to station an outpost in Bulgaria due to the fact that Bulgaria had just abolished a communist government - the first of many to do so during the time period. While McMasters was stationed at the outpost, a large-scale anomalous incident had occurred back in New Mexico which was to be covered up by the federal government. After McMasters was informed of the portal storms ravaging the rest of Europe and the United States, he decided to try and enter one himself to escape out of Bulgaria. Instead, he and his colleagues appeared in a new realm called Randomnautica. Their outpost was still functional, and they began to arm in case a battle were to happen in the near future.

Bennett McMasters and his military were entrenched at the outpost for around 3 weeks until the Combine traveled through the portal storms into Randomnautica. McMaster's military proved an obstacle to them, and they were held off for about 7 hours before the Combine finally breached the facility and forced McMasters along with his surviving military personnel to flee the area. The area known as Bulgaria pre-Randomnautica was now under the total control of the Combine Empire as they sought to engulf yet another civilization into their inter-dimensional empire.

Hope was not lost, as Bennett McMasters and approximately 30 thousand military personnel escaped to the coastline at St. Olga and made it into the Black Sea. They then landed in the city of Batumi, Zeussia, and from there continued traveling east. After they reached the port of Baku, they made their way to modern-day Turkmenistan. By this time, these lands were under the administration of Kanomastan and thus the Kanomastani government led by Mister Anomalous P.K. was alerted to the mass influx of immigrants. Mister Anomalous P.K. interrogated McMasters, and upon further inspection, he felt sympathetic towards McMaster's cause. He promised to cede a vast amount of land directly to McMasters so that a new nation would be formed. This new nation was Bennettia, and a military alliance between Kanomastan and Bennettia was quickly formed. In the current-day, their friendship is so close that they are commonly referred to as the "Brothers of Central Asia."

Very quickly, the Bennettian government was formed under a military dictatorship called the "Military Clique." The Military Clique is governed directly by Bennett McMasters and his colleagues, with McMaster being their autocratic leader. The mysterious "Ranger of Bennettia" was given the role of second-in-command, and would succeed McMasters in the event that he was to pass away. After the central government was created, a sudden conscription wave was enacted which caused the Bennettian army to grow exponentially. This was not done without controversy, however, as many people fled to neighboring nations such as Kanomastan to avoid being enlisted in the army. Regardless, the new conscription enactment made the nation as a whole more powerful.

Nation-wide infrastructure plans were created to form new cities out of the mostly-deserted areas that Bennettia occupied. White Mesa was the first city to be set up and it was designated as the capital of Bennettia. New Ravenholm and City 18 were also being constructed, with City 18 becoming the largest city in the entire nation. With the construction of White Mesa, relations were established with survivors of the Black Mesa "Resonance Cascade" event that happened in New Mexico. The survivors were lead by Doctor Isaac Kleiner. Bennettia invited Kleiner to White Mesa on a state visit to Bennettia. Once Kleiner arrived alongside Barney Calhoun and Vortigaunts, the Vortigaunts were given legal citizenship and were allowed to serve in the military. Originally, they were satisfied with the Military Clique's rulings, but later on, many of them formed Bennettia's first rival political party called the Vortigaunt Worker's Party under the All-Knowing Vortigaunt. Similarly, Barney Calhoun joined the Bennettian military as a field marshal but instead of joining the Military Clique directly, he instead formed the Calhoun Reaction Party: a democratic and fiscally conservative coalition that was in support of McMasters but wished for liberal policies. McMasters formally met with Kleiner, and he came up with a proposition to create a cloning machine that would be used to clone Bennettian soldiers in order to make the military larger. Kleiner accepted, and he addressed the nation back in New Mexico that during this time Otis Laurey was to be in charge of controlling the New Mexico area while he was absent.

After almost 3 weeks of testing, the cloning mechanism was finally completed. Unfortunately, Bennett McMasters accidentally entered into the testing zone and was subsequently cloned as a result. This caused the project to go haywire because instead of cloning a mentally stable version of Bennett McMasters, "Legionnairy Bennett" had emerged. Legionnairy Bennett was abrasive and caused an uproar from within the laboratory. He attempted to sabotage the project, but was ultimately unsuccessful and fled the scene once facility personnel had attempted to apprehend him. The project itself was not canceled and instead continued. Legionnairy Bennett was not seen for another 2 weeks, in which he was found hosting a fascistic rally with people who wanted to topple the government. He was caught and has gone into hiding ever since. He is now the leader of the Legionnairy Faction: an underground fascist movement that seeks to host a violent revolution in Bennettia.

Political Structure

Like all other nations, Bennettia has 4 different political parties which represent the 4 different ideologies found in-game. Those being democratic, communism, fascism, and authoritarian. Hyperlinks that have already seen use in this article are re-used here for ease of access.

Party Name Ideology Nation Name Leader Popularity
Military Clique Authoritarian Bennettia Bennett McMasters 82%
Calhoun Reaction Party Democratic Bennettian Republic Barney Calhoun 11%
Legionnairy Faction Fascism Legionnaires Bennettia Legionnairy Bennett 7%
Vortigaunt Worker's Party Communism Bennito Soyuz The All-Knowing Vortigaunt 0%

2 more political parties can be created with the use of Bennettia's national focus tree. They are the Golden Clique1 and the New Clique.


The following tabs will show the unique flag for each ideology in Bennettia.


The flag of authoritarian Bennettia.

National Spirits

Bennettia starts with 2 different national spirits.

Name Effects Description
Military Government
  • Daily Army Experience Gain: +0.05
  • Weekly War Support: +0.10%
  • Stability: -5%
Bennettia has for long been ruled by the Military Clique: a small oligarchy of high-ranking army officers and descendants of United States soldiers. Due to the army's grip on the nation, the population is highly nationalistic with its rhetoric and militarized, but also some people are still unsure of the security the Military Clique will provide.
Aggressive Neutrality
  • World Tension for Wargoals: -20%
  • Justify Wargoal Time: -50%
Bennettia's only goal is to reclaim the lands that the devilish Combine now occupies, but due to McMaster's militaristic nature, we feel that it is legally valid if we declare war on any nation we please under the guise of liberation.

Army Statistics and Generals

The Bennettian military starts with 75% equipment for their army. Their equipment amounts are the following:

  • Infantry Equipment: 10.0k out of 13.4k needed.
  • Support Equipment: 30 out of 60 needed.
  • Artillery: 104 out of 132 needed.

Below is a list of all army generals that can be assigned to armies in Bennettia.

Focus Tree

Bennettia uses the custom Bennettian national focus tree.

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