Altona Corp
Altona Corp
The flag of Altona Corp.
Leader: Commander Sinclair
Capital: Altona HQ
Population: 70.36m
Stability: 36%
War Support: 70%
Convoys: 199
Faction: None
Tag: ATO
Ruling Party: Altona Corporation
Starting Ideology: Fascism
Civilian Factories: 70
Military Factories: 32
Naval Dockyards: 13
Manpower: 1.35m
Fielded Army: 368.50k
Major? Yes


Altona Corporation (sometimes called Altona Corp or simply Altona) is a nation located in Western Europe. As it is the largest nation in all of Europe, it controls all of France, the Benelux, Southern Germany, Switzerland, and western Austria. It shares a direct land border with LazyTown, Pelotia, Pinguland, Pizza Tower, and the Vibelands. It has a total of 40 divisions. Major locations within Altona include the following:

  • Altona HQ


Altona Corporation was a corporate entity based in the pre-Randomnautican city of New Francis. It was notorious for its secrecy, its lack of regard for the local environment, and its constant attempts to subjugate entire neighborhoods and cities under its direct control so that they could be monopolized. Little by little, Altona's grip over some areas was becoming so absolute that the corporation effectively incorporated these settlements into their ever-growing monopoly. Due to this, Altona Corporation was starting to become more powerful than the governments it was given legislature under.

When Mister Anomalous P.K. (the newly elected mayor of New Francis) was demanded to give control of the city to Altona Corporation, he declined and instead used a portal created by the famed researcher Zeus so that they could escape with ease. Altona Corporation’s leader Commander Sinclair followed in pursuit and found himself and his colleagues in the world of Randomnautica.

Quickly, a new headquarters for Altona Corporation was created in the Centre region of France. Since many self-declared fiefdoms were proclaimed all around the outskirts of the new headquarters, it was frequently raided by warlord tribes attempting to make a name for themselves. Due to Altona’s superior technology, attempts to take over the headquarters were futile. Instead, Altona employed their pre-Randomnautican tactics of political meddling and subjugated said fiefdoms and raiders under their administration. With the continued use of these tactics, the city of Paris soon came under their control. Paris was discovered to be in a complete anarchic state and had major infrastructural damages, but after a few industrial projects were set up, the once ruined city now became Altona’s main source of income.

By this time, many civilized governments began to form in areas such as the British Isles and Scandinavia. Seeing as these new governments followed moderate and even democratic policies, they heavily criticized Commander Sinclair's imperialist nature. Due to the fact no international alliances and/or organizations were created, Altona Corporation's actions were not protested, and instead, Commander Sinclair's military (which was entirely composed of loyal "Altona Agents") expanded their control even more.

Many people who attempted to escape from Commander Sinclair's administration found themselves joining the newly created Free Technocrats organization. The Free Technocrats was an opposition movement established after Commander Sinclair promised to bring "greatness" to Altona Corporation's subjects by extraordinary means of corporatism and technocracy. Later on, an unfathomable ideology (hereafter called Neo-Corporatism) was created. The social and political structures of Neo-Corporatism were reportedly that of nightmares, with cities being industrialized to the point where the factory pollution reached lethal levels. Other totalitarian and esoteric methods were applied to everyday life, such as forced labor abroad, strict and sometimes lethal working conditions, and even 14 plus hour workdays.

It soon became clear that Altona Corporation was not created as a nation to serve a group of indigenous peoples, proclaim self-determination, or anything else rather than fueling the newly formed megacorporation. Hostages of Altona Corporation's Neo-Corporatist policy were not seen as humans, but rather as "pawns" that served no greater purpose than to provide constant labor for the conglomerate's corporate needs.

Due to a lack of information leaving Altona Corporation's borders, an extremely alarming hypothesis concerning Altona's foreign policy has arisen with the help of the Free Technocrats. Supposedly, Commander Sinclair has stressed that Altona's economic status as a corporation is slowly dwindling, and more populations must be subjugated as laborers. It has become clear to everyone outside of Altona Corporation's borders that something foreboding is lurking on the horizon. Words of nuclear armageddon have been cast around, and this only fuels society's paranoia when it comes to this topic. One thing is for certain, however, and it is that if a nuclear war involving Altona were to break out, it would surely spell the end of Randomnautica.

Political Structure

Like all other nations, Altona Corp has 4 different political parties which represent the 4 different ideologies found in-game. Those being democratic, communism, fascism, and authoritarian. Hyperlinks that have already seen use in this article are re-used here for ease of access.

Party Name Ideology Nation Name Leader Popularity
Altona Corporation Fascism Altona Corp Commander Sinclair 92%
Free Technocrats Democratic Free Altona Mr.TeeVee 6%
Social Technocrats Communism Altonan Technocratic Commonwealth Professor Exclamations 2%
Regency Council Authoritarian Altona Agent Burley 0%


The following tabs will show the unique flag for each ideology in Altona Corp.


The flag of fascist Altona.

National Spirits

Altona Corp starts with 4 different national spirits.

Name Effects Description
No Entry, No Escape
  • Monthly Population: -75%
Our citizens simply do not have the right to leave our nation or enter it at any costs.
Resistance to Suppression
  • Daily Democratic Support: +0.05%
A multi-national organization that calls themselves the 'Free Technocrats' are the scum of our nation. Their foolish ideas are gaining traction, but we must try harder to oppress the population. Wanting to join these idiots in their cause is nothing more than a thought crime.
  • Chance to Sabotage Constructions: +35%
  • Production Effeciency Cap: +15%
  • Production Effeciency Base: +10%
Our unique ideology, while shunned by the rest of the world as a 'totalitarian nightmare', is grievously effective when it comes to industrialization. Since our people are forced into the factories, there is no reason our production would be slowing down in the future.
The Shadow State
  • Intel to Enemies: -50%
  • Civilian Intelligence to others: -10%
  • Army Intelligence to others: -10%
  • Navy Intelligence to others: -10%
  • Airforce Intelligence to others: -10%
Our unique ideology, while shunned by the rest of the world as a 'totalitarian nightmare', is grievously effective when it comes to industrialization. Since our people are forced into the factories, there is no reason our production would be slowing down in the future.

Additionally, the "Quantum Breakthrough" national spirit can be obtained with the use of the Funstuff Plaza Event.

Army Statistics and Generals

The Altona military starts with 100% equipment for their army. Their equipment amounts are the following:

  • Infantry Equipment: 35.9k out of 35.9k needed.
  • Support Equipment: 200 out of 200 needed.
  • Artillery: 420 out of 420 needed.
  • Motorized: 2.35k out of 2.35k needed.

Below is a list of all army generals that can be assigned to armies in Altona Corp.

Focus Tree

Altona Corp uses the custom Altonan national focus tree.

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